xxxHolic – A Great Combination of Supernatural and Comedy

Since this is my first blog, it only seems fitting that I start with one of the first anime I watched a long time ago, which is xxxHolic.

The first time I came across this title is at the manga section of Chapters in Metrotown, way before the anime chain Sakura Media shows up. The drawing was unique and very much different from any works that I was used to, so I was actually iffy at the time. However, this anime has gained rave reviews on the web, so I decided to give this anime a shot. In hindsight, I should have watched this even sooner. The title xxxHolic is based on the first movie that claims that everyone has an obsession about something, such as a chocaholic being addicted to chocolate.

The synopsis is that a high school student named Watanuki Kimihiro was harassed by spirits in the beginning until he meets Ichihara Yuko, a mysterious store owner who grants wishes in exchange for ambiguous commodities. The plot revolves around Watanuki Kimihiro’s exploits while working for Ichihara Yuko in the shop as an exchange for removing the spirits that were harassing him.

What makes this show amazing is the right combination of comedy and story-telling. The seiyuus in this series are all big names like Fukuyama Jun, Ohara Sayaka, Shizuka Ito and Nakai Kazuya. The story telling is able to set different tones for each episodes, which can go from downright random comedy in one episode to a profound ominous setting in the next. As a result, the viewers cannot predict what the next episode is about without the preview, which I find refreshing in an anime. Finally just to top it off, the show also talks a lot about japanese occults and culture. In fact after watching this show I actually dig around Wikipedia for more tidbits about those.

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend this show to everyone, from people who wants to start watching anime to hardcore anime fan out there (But chances are otakus like me has already watched this a long time ago, lol!!)


  1. Ranking: S-Class (Highest of all class)
  2. “Rewatchability”: A+ (Definitely would watch again from time to time)
  3. Chance of remembering something about this show: 100% (Unforgettable, to say the least)

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