The Raid: Redemption – First Time I watch an Indonesian Movie

So over the weekend I felt a little bored and ended up going to the theatre to watch The Raid: Redemption. I first caught a glimpse of the trailer on an NBA game commercial. It certainly does not need a crystal to guess that the movie is about. After all, “fist, fist, head banged against ceramic tiles” is not what I called being subtle.

To say the least, I definitely know what I’m about to watch before going into the theatre. But what really caught my eye is the way they fight, it’s way more brutal any american action I’ve seen so far, despite being very, VERY low-budget. The movie plays out very much like a video game, and I simply go along with that idea. There are plenty of cool finishing moves, and all I could think of is “Fatality!” from Mortal Kombat. In fact, there are several cheers popping out from the theatre during those times. You know the director is forcing issues to set up fights out of no reason, but who cares, you get to see another fight.

In terms of plot, I’m not even going to say it. In fact, the way the movie goes, I would have watched it if there is no back story whatsoever. It is also interesting to point out that there are only two female characters in the movie, and you’ll only see them in a total of 5 minutes.

So overall, it’s fun to watch. If it is a DVD, I would just skip to the fight scenes ever time.


  1. Overall Ranking: B (Interesting at the very least)
  2. Rewatchability: B (I would just rewatch the fight scenes only)
  3. Originality: F (Who needs it?)
  4. Plot: F (Like I said, who needs it?)

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