Dark Meadows: Game Tips and Secrets

In my previous posts, I have already placed my reviews on this game. Now for those who got the game anyway and wants to make the ultimate save loaded with every weapon, max level and power to crush all foes that gets in the way, this is the post.

The first tip is that no matter what you do in the game, when you load from your save, you’ll wind up right at the beginning while retaining all your items, archives, levels and stats. So you don’t need to worry about dying or stopping midway as long as you save your game.

Now here is how you would make your ultimate save. The first thing you need to do is to actually avoid fighting the witch from the get go. Instead, what you want to do is raise your levels and amassing gold to purchase better weapons. What I recommend would be to get to around level 20 to 25, as well as getting a soul stealing weapon. A soul steal weapon basically generates your health while you do damage to your foes, which is a great help. Once you get to this point, which probably only takes several hours, you can then take on the witch. For stats, I would mainly invest in defence and melee damage. Defence reduces the damage to a point where your soul steal weapon can easily recover the lost HP, while melee lets you kill the witch faster.

Once the witch is killed, you will get the key in your next walkthrough. This key allows you to explore rooms that are locked in the beginning. After you received the key, you can create your ultimate character without even entering the second floor of the hospital. This is because the first floor is filled with gems and gold. You have to collect 10 gems to get extra stats. However, all 10 gems can be found on the first floor and the gems gets replenished after you collected all of it in your next walkthrough. All you need to do is to go to “Return to Main Menu” and you can restart collecting gold and gems again.

The following is the map from Lancer in Phosphor games forum:

Gem Hunting Floor 1

So therefore once you collected all 10 gems and the gold within the first floor, simply return to main menu and restart again until you have enough money and stats. Also note that after killing the witch, I would recommend you use equipments that give 100% gold. This is because it takes a long time to amass the amount of gold necessary to purchase all the equipments to get the achievements. As for stats, I would recommend you raise defence to the point where you can take zero damage from foes even when you’re hit. However beware that if you do that, you will take the fun out of the game.


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