Some Game Tips for Adventure Bar Story

For those who played the game, you guys would know that though the game is straightforward, progressing through the game is hardly simple. So in this section I will give you some simple tips so you can avoid most of the mess:

1) Beware of hot and cold dishes: Because the sale of dishes would depend on season, hot food such as Salmon Crab Pot. Though this dish sells for a decent 1290 gold, you will hardly sell more than 3 or 4 during summer, resulting in very low sales.

2) Avoid seafood: Most seafood is tedious to farm and the easier ingredients net you very little money.

3) Get your third character quick: All you need is to make an apple pie and you get a third character to help out in the first dungeon. Makes everything a bit easier.

4) Eat your comfort food: Somehow most of the good comfort food will rake in great amount of money and experience. My typical choice of food include Chicken Doria right in the first few dungeons. I mean Chicken you can get from Birds; Milk and Rice you can get from the field or buy from the store; Flour you can buy from the store; Salt you can get from Slimes, and Cheese you can get from the Mice. So if you’re diligent enough with decent levels, you can get 99 Chicken Doria worth 175 exp and 750 gold in just 2-3 days. Now that’s speed leveling for you.

5) Cabbage Juice: Right in the beginning, a lot of good foods are quite filling, so what you need is buy 99 cabbages or get them from Rafflesia in the first dungeon. These cabbages can be made into juices, which you can use to lower your satiety and continue to indulge yourself.

6) Viva Italia!!: To be honest, most of the good food you’ll need are the pasta and pizza dishes. The ones I typically go for are Carbonara, Creme Pasta and Meat Pizza. Those are you meat and potatoes in leveling eats. They can also rake in a huge amount of money. If you’re a bit more adventurous, go for Napolitan (where ketchup is harder to get), and Crab Croquette (which require farming crabs, which I find tedious most of the time). Note that other fried foods such as Pork/Beef Croquette are also decent, but does not net as much revenue.

7) Forest of Nus is your best dungeon and here’s why: First of all, this dungeon gives plenty of Boars and Dryads, which give Pork and Smoke Wood. These ingredients in turn give you Bacon and Sausage. Bacon is much preferred since Salt is much easier to get than Herbs, which you have to steal from Rafflesia.

The next thing you can get from Forest of Nus is stealing an equipment called Acetone from Goblins. In fact right at the beginning of the game, Acetone helps you make money way better than opening restaurant. So stealing 99 Acetones for 3 days will basically set you ready for most stuff.

So what’s more awesome than 99 Acetones? Try unlimited mana!!! You can steal Mana Potions from Dryads. This basically means that you can always replenish your MP in dungeon without ever going back to town!!! Given that Siela will learn Cure All, you will never worry about HP/MP issues.

And for the bright red cherry on top of this massive gooey chocolate cake, you get Tungs from Bison. The Tungs can be used to make Tung Creme, which will basically help you win most of the cooking competitions from stage 1-stage 6 with ease. By the way, you can steal Leather Boots from Bulls as well, netting you even more money.

So yeah, I spent most of my earlier game time in Forest of Nus.

8) Make your farming party: The best farming party have to be Siela, Fred and Lidia. Fred and Lidia have Steal; Siela and Fred have Butcher to increase drop rate; and Siela has Cure All to replenish HP. Make sure you steal from every boss. I don’t think there are any missable items in this game, but why take that chance? Just steal from everyone.

9) Forget about Otts Cave and Silkreef: The enemies hit hard, there’s no Mana Potions to recover MP, so your health is limited. Especially Silkreef, DO NOT BOTHER WITH SILKREEF. Almost all of the ingredients in Silkreef you can get in Port of Lar.

10) If you want to recruit Elias, talk to Alfine: Once you recruit Alfine, talk to her everyday in the School of Wizardry. If you’re doing it right, you can get Elias within two months. To make sure you can talk to Alfne everyday, you should save before opening restaurant and restart the game if you can’t find her in the School or the Library.

11) Otts Fall/Lake: It’s decent, you can steal Medium Mana Potions from Udine. You can also steal more equipments from Buffalos to rake in more cash. However, the ingredients you get here are only decent. I would try to speed the story up.

12) Don’t bother with fishing: It’s tedious, you can get craps like Healing Potions and Panacea. There is also chances of fighting hard monsters that drop crap. As I said, speed the story up to Gilbert’s Path

13) Gilbert’s Path is your second heaven: This time you get Mana Potions automatically by killing Sylphs. You get Garuda Eggs by killing or stealing from Hawks and Garudas. The Garuda Eggs can make Garbonara, which help you level even faster and net you even more revenue. Finally you can steal from Sylphs for Apron Dress and Goblin Mage for Wizard’s Robe. You can sell these equipments from mountains of money. By this point, you should be rich enough to not worry about most expenses.

14) Raw Sea Urchin!!!: Once you get to Fire Island, which you need to unlock by talking to the Gambling Sailor at the left of  the first map in Port of Lar. The Sailor will lent you the boat to get to Fire Island. Once you finish fighting the Boss and get to Fire Island, make sure you fight Sahagin, a Merfolk type monster, and Mage Flower.  Both these enemies drop Sea Urchin, which you can use to make Raw Sea Urchin dish. With 5 Satiety and around 400 exp points, you can easily level all the way to level 70 for each character.

15) Trouble after Fire Island: Now here’s where a lot of people are having trouble getting though this part of the game. The next stage to be unlocked is Western Desert. However, the stuff you find in the Desert is mostly crap compared to Sea Urchin. The Western Desert also damage your party’s HP every two steps. It’s too annoying, don’t bother too much with Western Desert. Beware, you are not supposed to move through the sandstorm at this stage, not yet.

To get through the sandstorm, make sure you achieve high sales. Also remember that after opening your restaurant, you need to GET OUT of your restaurant. Apparently the story triggers only when you step out of the restaurant. Also there are several cutscenes. One involve talking to Fred, another cutscene at the castle guard where you register for cooking competition. So make sure  you try talking to Fred and that guard after opening your restaurant. Depending on what you sell in your restaurant, the trigger to the Desert Town may occur in 5-15 days. It’s only after you get to Desert Town can you go through the sandstorm.

16) Yay Dragons!!: Right after Desert Town affair, someone in your restaurant will talk about Gilbert Path avalanche. This means that the map to Drakes opens up and you can get Dragon Meat and Dragon Egg!!! Make sure you do that!!! Dragon dishes are the most expensive dishes in game. This is exactly why I said not to bother with seafood in the first place.

17) Key to level 99: It is Smoked Dragon Egg!!! At 6 satiety, you will level REAL FAST!!!

18) Several Party Choices: It’s almost standard to keep Siela and Lidia (for stealing from bosses) in your party. Therefore you just need to decide on the third member. I recommend against using magic users because their defence and HP are way too fragile.

So it’s roughly down to 3 choices: A) Fred for stealing galore and balanced fighter; B) Miljia for resurrecting and healing (Though I usually find that Milija die before Siela); C) Alter.

I recommend Alter cause he’s CRAZY GOOD. Once you got him into level 99, he is literally a one-man army. His drinking skill is ridiculous strong. All you need to do is guard Siela and Lidia, charge Alter’s drunkeness to level 9 and use Drunken Rush for crazy damage. In fact with Lidia’s Weaken and Alter’s Rush, The final boss will die in roughly 3 blows. All you need to worry about is to heal him cause his defence is not the greatest.

18) To win cooking competitions: First you start with Dragon Risotto, Bacon & Dragon Egg, Drabonara, Mapo Eggplant Hot, and Mapo Tofu Fire. These are probably your most expensive dishes without using Dragon Tungs. Once you get Dragon Tungs, make Dragon Tung Stew and Grilled Dragon Tung for sure wins in cooking competitions. You could use Deluxe Pizza, but it’s more tedious than just oneshoting Drakes and getting Dragon ingredients.

19) Two secret maps: Do note that to unlock Whale Island, you need to talk to the Captain at the top of the lighthouse in Port of Lar. Whale Island is basically a fishing island where you can catch King Crab and Platinum Tuna. Both of which is quite unneccessary since you have Dragons. To unlock the map ??? (Yes that is the dungeon’s real name), you need to take a path between the cathedral and the stone walls. Once you made it through, you’ll get to the well. Go down the well and feed the man Pizza everyday until he’s full and wants a puzzle to solve. Give him the Golden Puzzle (I forgot where I got the puzzle in the first place), give it a few days and he’ll solve it and ??? becomes accessible.

20) I doubt that there are missable equips: For me, the equips can either be stolen, obtained from chest or simply bought. If you ever missed stealing from a boss, don’t worry. There is a Boss rush mode at the end. YOU ALSO NEED TO COMPLETE BOSS RUSH MODE TO GET THE LAST EQUIPMENT, MASTER RING!!!

Well so here it is, that is actually how I played this game. Hopefully, this might help make the game easier. If you guys have any questions, feel free to place a comment here. But until then… Keep on gaming!!!



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31 Responses to Some Game Tips for Adventure Bar Story

  1. akismet-2229f4a6c1aef028e212be779523baa6 says:

    Thanks for the tips, most of the stuff I can find online are just lists of recipes. This game is genuinely fun to me which was a surprise since I thought I’d burned out on JRPGs in the 90s. I guess the restaurant simulation is what elevates it above the generic “kill monsters to kill more monsters” RPG formula.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ghrm says:

    you dont need 5-15 days to go through the sandstorm you just need tequilla. 🙂


    • True, you’ll need tequila to get through the sandstorm. However, you actually need to talk to the lady merchant in the Desert town before the tequila works. Otherwise, even if you drink tequila, you still can’t get through the sandstorm.


  3. Danies says:

    My bar rank is level 3. And there is an event when I reach that level. It is something about port city of lar. I think I have unlock that dungeon but actually not. I have checked the map, but nothing. How to unlock the place after ostelein?


    • In order to get to port city of lar, you need to go through Otts Cave and Silkreef. You have to go through to the end of the dungeon in order to get to the port city. However, if both dungeons are not present in the map, that means you have not unlocked it yet.

      What I would typically do is just fast-forward a week and see what happens. If nothing happens still, that means that you don’t have enough sales and must sell more. One thing to note about this game is that some of the “events” are quite cryptic and would require you to fast-forward your days and/or leave your restaurant.

      Hope that helps


  4. Thu Trang says:

    I unlocked the drakes and I already won the competition with those dragons 😀 Fred game me the necklase and the story suddensly stopped. One week no story progress


    • What cooking level are you at? That’s the best way to know whether you’ve finished the game. As mentioned, if you don’t feel like you have finished, you can sell some expensive items to move the story along faster.


      • Also remember that even if the game is finished, the game will still continue without any credits and whatsoever. In other words, there won’t be much indication on whether the game is over or not…. but for the rest of the game it’s just about unlock what you haven’t unlocked yet.


  5. Amamiya Ron says:

    where you get the puzzle??? i need that


  6. Cyndi Zhao says:

    Thanks for these tips !!
    Can you teach me how to unlock fire island ~
    bar level 8 , no progress at the port city =(


  7. Taniki says:

    Silkreef (Recommend LvL27+)
    is good for stealing Battle axe (500G), Long spear (750G), if you are Lv 27+ and have nowhere higher to go.
    Also Farming Crab (Beat it by Spell other than Ice make it drop 2+ crab, 5 by Alfine’s fire ball) there to make Crab Croquette (Crab +Bread Crumbs+Creme sause+Lard+Fryer) (234Exp,990G,14satiety) easier and better than Crispy Bacon or Chicken Doria.

    Ott Cave (Recommend LvL24+)
    have Bean for Cappuchino and Fresh Creme if you want to farm them… ah and ICE.


  8. hatdog says:

    just got this game to my android phone… just use gamekiller to have unlimited items 🙂


  9. Yoru_Lun says:

    I am a bit lost. Port City of Lar is the one after the Silkreef right? Alter had talked about it or something but I didn’t catch what he said. I am stuck after getting to Fire Island and didn’t know what to do after that


    • Okay, can you be a bit more specific: Did you unlock Fire Island, Gilbert’s path, Ott’s Lake and Western Desert? I find myself having trouble unlocking Western Desert because it’s based on sales once again.


      • Yoru_Lun says:

        Well I had managed to get pass through that one. And yes I had unlocked all that you had mentioned and also City of Guid and the path to the Drake Nest. I don’t know what else to do after that and my bar rank is already 10. Do you have some tips for my problem?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hello, in that case, I think there are two possibilities:

        1) You have got through dragon’s nest but have yet to reach Whale Island. In that case, go to the top of the lighthouse and talk to the Captain to unlock Whale Island

        2) You have actually unlocked everything and even the last Master Ring. In that case, congratulations (first of all). The fact is that if you have unlocked everything and saw the cutscene where your nemesis’s restaurant got closed down, that is actually the end of the game. Having said that the game will somehow still continue. Once you reach this stage, you have beaten the game and the game actually lets you freely do whatever you want. It’s very funny that the game does not explicitly tell you that the game ends, neither does it roll credits.


      • Yoru_Lun says:

        Thank you for your advice! It is very helpful. But I still have not seen the part where Gustav’s restaurant get closed. Did I miss it?


      • Oh I see, in that case, you need to keep your sales up in your restaurant. In order to progress through stories, you need to get your sales up to a certain threshold. I’m not sure whether it’s total sales or average daily sale that counts.

        Also do remember that certain dish is seasonal. For instance, you wouldn’t expect a normal person to enjoy hotpot in the summer (Not me, I love hotpot at all seasons). Put the right items on the menu to ensure maximum sales, and that cutscene will come up eventually.

        Hope that helps and good luck,


  10. Yoru_Lun says:

    How do we know which is what season? I don’t live in a seasonal country, so I am not that quite aware of which month is what season.


  11. Rika says:

    Umm… How do you unlock Whale Island? I tried talking to the lighthouse captain in Port of Lars, but all he does is tell me he wishes to eat at Kamerina’s Bar before he dies…
    I’ve already completed the cooking competition and unlocked all the areas aside from ??? and Whale Island. Please help me, thank you!!


  12. Jade says:

    How do you get dragon tung in abundance? I’ve only gotten one so far.


  13. Riinji says:

    How can I unblocked the stones that blocking the secret ways????


  14. Ashton King says:

    To get through the sandstorm, make sure you achieve high sales. Also remember that after opening your restaurant, you need to GET OUT of your restaurant. Apparently the story triggers only when you step out of the restaurant. Also there are several cutscenes. One involve talking to Fred, another cutscene at the castle guard where you register for cooking competition. So make sure you try talking to Fred and that guard after opening your restaurant. Depending on what you sell in your restaurant, the trigger to the Desert Town may occur in 5-15 days. It’s only after you get to Desert Town can you go through the sandstorm.

    <— I don't understand this… how do you get out of your restaurant after opening it? you open your restaurant and it starts a new day automatically.. you can't open then leave again on the same day….


  15. Rinna says:

    What dishes should i sell is suitable during month 9?


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