Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (A Guide made by a Bronze League) Part 1:

During Christmas last year, I came upon a YouTube channel made by HuskyStarcraft. The channel contains videos of Starcraft game replays which Husky provides commentary. The commentaries are witty and hilarious that to this point I’m still very much addicted to watch his videos, especially the “Bronze League Heroes” series.

So after months of watching his webcasts on these games, I finally got up one day and got my hands on Wings of Liberty. Seriously, now I realize how additive this game really is, and I don’t even have Heart of the Swarm yet. I was playing the campaign the past few weeks trying to get all the achievements, but have actually found myself stuck on getting some of the hard achievements.

So after hours of internet searching, video watching and hundreds of failed attempts, I actually got all the Hard difficulty achievements just yesterday!!! So in return, I am going to tell my way of getting those achievements. Note that I’m probably not going to talked about some of the scenarios, such as Breakout or Liberation Day, because they are quite straightforward. Instead, I’m going to cover the ones that I find difficult, which is like around half of them. Also note that my gameplay is quite bad as I always have a really hard time balancing micro and macro together. Therefore, this strategy should probably work for most people as many of these strategies are either macro intensive or micro intensive. Furthermore, most of these strategies may require you to replay the campaign in order to get the units, upgrades or research necessary. Without further ado, I’ll talk about the strategies against The Dig.

In this scenario, the achievement is called Yippee-ki-yay, which requires you to destroy 50 buildings with the laser drill. The hard part of this scenario that you need to protect your base while you’re trying to destroy the Protoss structures, which is on high ground and fully guarded. To make things harder, the Protoss base is covered with observers so you can’t just run a cloaked ghost and spectre on the ramp. With my strategy, you will never have to worry about your base…. EVER!!! In fact, ever since I used this strategy, I can’t help but try to destroy everything in every play through.

The key is that although the Protoss have observers in their base, they never send those observers to your base. This means that you can wall off your base by placing 6 Spectres on each ramp, evenly spaced. However note that it is better to put the Spectres near the bottom of the ramp, so that Protoss would not get any visions of the high ground and won’t be able to attack any buildings behind the Spectres. In order for this strategy to work perfectly, you need the permanent invisibility upgrade in the armory.

So right off the bat, you need to build Shadow Ops building. and split the two tanks on each side and put them in siege mode. Furthermore, you will definitely need all the refineries because Spectres are gas-intensive unit. It is recommended that you also build a second barrack to help pump out Spectres as quickly as possible, if you don’t have the Tech Reactor research. Once you have your Spectres, try to wall off the top ramp of your base. Unsiege your tank when there are Spectres on the ramp because the tank and damage your Spectres with splash damage. With both ramps walled off. you can slowly start to build your command center. Note that the only threat to your base now are Colossus as these units can cliff walk. So be sure to focus them down with the laser when you see one.

While you’re building your Command Center, also build a bunch of Missile Turrets along the left side of your base. This should destroy any Warp Prisms sent to you. You can also train a few Marines and Medics as an insurance. When you have your command center, simply float your building toward the enemy base. The trick is to move the base carefully. What you want to do is to get a location where your Command Center have vision of the photon cannons, but not close enough that the cannons can shoot you. However, you should always focus down the units first for insurance. The Hold Command, designated as “H” hotkey, is very important in moving your Command Center. Furthermore, shift attack is very useful for your laser cannon. However, do remember that in order to do shift attack properly, you need to command the laser to target something first before shift attack. Otherwise, the laser cannon will simply focus down on breaking the barrier instead of targeting your enemies. Finally it is recommended that you focus on the left base from the bottom-up first to make the game easier.


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