Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (A Guide made by a Bronze League) Part 3:

Hello Guys.

Sorry about the delays. After a week of vacation and a several weeks of Book of Heroes, a game that I’m going to talk about a bit more later on, I’m BA-A-ACK!!

Personally, I do wish to do a review about Book of Heroes, but I like finishing whatever I’ve started. So today I’m going to talk about 3 missions.

1) Army of Darkness (Outbreak hard achievement):

In this scenario, you have to destroy 15 infested structures at night in hard mode. However, you will realized that every time you hit the building, more infested Terrans/marines will come out of the building. This implies that you need to actually mass up enough reapers to deal with both the infested units as well as infested structures, which is still doable.

However, I’m not a fan of unnecessary casualties and there is a much more hilarious trick: Spectres.

Given that the infested army have no detection, a Spectre with permanent cloaking automatically make this a cakewalk.  Also note that when you shoot buildings, infested units do come out but they will not move towards your base. So do not worry about them.

Do remember that infested missile turrets and spore crawlers are indeed detectors, so your Spectres should destroy them during daytime and leave the rest of the structures for your amusement at night. If you use hold shift and press attack on multiple structures, you don’t even have to micro your Spectres and you can just sit back and enjoy the scene with an evil laugh. In addition, nuclear missiles will make this even more fun to watch, especially with tons of infested units standing around waiting to be wiped out.

To make your victory even more epic, place a bunch of siege tanks on either side of the sensor tower and  another bunch behind the destructible barricade next to your command center. To add to more fun, build Planetary Fortress in front the siege tanks and leave a bunch of SCVs nearby.

2) It’s So Easy (Welcome to the Jungle Hard Mission)

The key to getting this achievement is to be on the offensive. Right in the beginning, you should train SCV and marines. When you have enough minerals, build Barrack as well as focus on upgrades. Having the Tech Reactor Upgrade will definitely make this mission a cakewalk. In your bioball, you shouldn’t have too much Marauders since there are only a few Stalkers guarding the Geyser or intercepting your harvests. In other words, you should have mass marines and medics with a smaller proportion of Marauders as support.

In the beginning, you want to start with the four Geysers on the left. The Protoss in the beginning will try to seal those Geysers, so make sure you’re prepared to kill the Probe and the accompanied forces.

Note that even in Hard mode, the Protoss rarely attack your base, so as long as you leave some of the forces that you massed up at your base, you’ll be fine.

If you are doing this quick enough, you will actually be able to harvest at least 3 of the 4 Geysers before the Protoss start sealing off the Geysers on your right. There is actually a path that will lead you to the right-hand Geysers  without the need to engage the Protoss base across your base. A handful of bioball should be able to handle the sealing squadron without much problem.

Once you finish the 4 Geysers on your left, you can start harvesting the 3 Geysers on your right, and you will avoid dealing with the trouble of harvesting Geysers at the top. As mentioned before, you should be very daring when you harvest those last 3 Geysers. What I do is split my bioball forces into two groups: One large and one small. The large group should guard the SCV that’s harvesting the top right Geyser. There’ll be a lot of Void Rays, so watch out for that. The smaller bioball forces should guard the middle right Geyser. Since the middle and lower right Geyser are right next to each other, you can easily guard both SCVs. When you do all 3 Geysers at once, this actually can avoid triggering the Protoss to seal the top Geysers, leaving your forces with a clean getaway.

However, do be careful that your forces and SCV tend to move across the Protoss expansion when they move automatically from the right hand Geysers. To avoid this, Shift+Move at the lower right corner and then Shift+Move towards the base.

3) Aces High (All-in Hard Achievement)

At first glance, beating All-in can be actually quite hard if you don’t know where to start. However, with these tips, the stage is actually not as hard and annoying as it seems.

There are several things you have to keep in mind first:

1. Do not bother with wall-ins: In fact, making a wall-in will actually remove valuable resources away from you that are actually better spent elsewhere. In fact, you don’t want anymore planetary fortress and the two bunkers at the initial point are the only defense structure you’ll ever need.

2. You want Nydus Wurm: This basically implies that you should do Shatter the Sky mission.

3. Forget High Ground: It doesn’t mean much to you.

4. Upgrades and Research: The Upgrades you should get are all the Base upgrades, which include the SCV upgrade, bunker upgrade and Commander upgrade. Missile upgrade is nice to have but not necessary. You should definitely get all the Siege Tank upgrades and the Banshee upgrades. Tech Reactor, Regenerative Bio-Steel, Automated Refinery and Micro-Filtering is almost a must. Psi Disruptor is nice to have, but not necessary.

5. MULEs!!!: Make sure you spam MULEs when you have the energy to do so.

To start the scenario, you will need a total of 2 Factories with the waypoint set to the two bunkers. It is also recommended that you have 2 Starports, but you can easily make do with one. Finally you don’t really need Barracks. However, you do want 2 Armories for upgrades.

Do note that it is important to do the following:

1. Train SCVs: You need SCVs to saturate the mineral line. Furthermore, you can simply send SCV to idle near the Siege Tanks to quickly repair them. Leaving 3-4 per frontline is recommended.

2. Build your Supply Depot: Being supply blocked will almost definitely push you to a downward spiral, especially right in the beginning. You can’t afford to be supply blocked at almost any moment.

3. Mass your Siege Tank: Your Siege Tanks should be your main forces, while Banshees are your commandos. I personally would recommend at least around 15-20 Siege Tank on each side of your base. With that much Siege Tanks, you really don’t have to worry about even Ultralisks. However, do remember to build some tanks from time to time at the later game to replenish lost tanks. The same thing goes for SCVs as the Zerg forces will try to kill any repairing SCVs first before engaging the Siege Tanks.

4. Build your Banshees at the same time as your Siege Tanks: You will definitely need Banshees. The Banshees are for killing Nydus Wurms. You definitely do not want a build-up of Nydus Wurms as they will flood you to death later on. Personally 12-15 Banshees are good enough for early game, and 15-18 are good for later game. Make sure you de-cloak after the Nydus runs to save energy. Also try to kill Spore Crawlers when it is convenient. In this way, there should not be too much Spore Crawlers until that last part.

5. Use your Command Center: What that means is that you should keep training SCVs throughout the game. Because SCVs will die while repairing your siege tanks, you should have plenty of SCVs ready to send to the frontlines. Furthermore, make sure you use your MULEs to stock up minerals fast. Scans are totally unnecessary.

6. Kill them Overlords: This is usually the time to use your NOVA to kill off Overlords. However, makes sure that almost all the Overlords made it into your base before activating. This will make sure that ALL of the Overlords are removed from the base.

7. Micro your Banshees: Given that most of the game only require you to macro, such as build tank, SCVs, supply depots, the free time you have should mostly be used on briefly checking on your frontlines and maneuvering you Banshees. In fact, you should use Banshees to distract Kerrigan from hitting your Siege Tanks. Because your Siege Tanks are the Damage Dealers in this game, you can’t possibly afford to let Kerrigan wipe them out.

8. Make sure you siege up you Siege Tanks: It is okay if you forget to siege up for a minute, but it will be devastating if you leave it for say 5 minutes?

9. Deal with Kerrigan: If you maneuver your Banshees nicely, Kerrigan will rarely cause too much trouble. Kerrigan mainly has 3 attacks. There is a normal attack, which deals a lot of damage, but only hits one unit. There is an instant kill against any mechanical units, where Kerrigan will lift that unit up and smash it to the ground. That attack also only targets one unit, so you’re fine on that as well. I can tell you the only trouble from Kerrigan is her “Psionic Storm.” That ability basically deals a large AOE damage that can easily wipe out a whole squadron. To counter that, you should bait Kerrigan to use that ability on your Banshees, and then simply fly away from the area. Usually Kerrigan won’t activate this ability until middle or late in the game, so don’t worry too much.

10. SAVE YOUR GAME!!!: You should save often. What I recommend is that you save your game before and after you defeat the Nydus Wurm and/or Kerrigan. Furthermore, you should save even more often once the artifact reaches 85%, because that’s when the Zerg comes in full force.

11. Watch the Artifact: What I mean is that you should be extremely careful once the Artifact reaches 85-90%. At this point, Kerrigan will appear on last time to try to wipe out you forces and get to the Artifact. In addition, Zerg units will also appear in bigger dosages. However, do note that the key is to get the Artifact to 100%, and not get the Artifact to 100% without your base destroyed. So I would suggest that if you have the opportunity, move all your Siege Tanks next to the Artifact at around 90%. In doing so, your Siege Tank will act as both the damage dealer and meat shield to the Artifact. In fact, the Zerg will have a really hard time reaching the middle of the platform. Also, do not sacrifice your forces just to take out the last Kerrigan. If you do that, you’ll lose the game immediately.

So here’s the tips for the last stage that I used to get the accomplishment. In fact, you can use the exact same strategy on Brutal mode, where the very last Kerrigan will easily wipe out anything in its path. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.


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  1. lljfk says:

    Noticed the Aces High achievement was written in 2013.

    You wouldn’t happen to have a gamesave right before you got the aces high achievement would you? That would save me a lot of time.


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