It really exists! Cursed Videos (Honto ni Atta! Noroi no Video)

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then how about a movie?

Aside from playing video games, another one of my favorite hobby is watching horror movies. However, as I mentioned in “The Conjuring” article, there is a huge distinction between simple “jump scares” and “creepiness” that slowly sets in. That is what sets Honto ni Atta! Noroi no Video from most movies these days.

I’m pretty sure most people in North America have not heard anything about this series. The DVDs are practically localized in Japan anyways. Therefore, I’ll give some background information:

Honto ni atta! Noroi no Video stands for “These cursed video are definitely real!”, or on the internet “It Really Exists! Cursed Video” As mentioned in the title, it is a collection of around 7-8 paranormal footage. The idea is that people who somehow filmed something unexplained would mail the footage to the movie editor’s office. The movie is always interlaced with multiple interviews and even investigation of the site of interest. The footage can range from old recordings, cell phone videos to even surveillance camera videos. Every so often, narrator would also mention certain people who are involved with these video have met some unexplained consequences, either suicides, accidents, injuries or simply gone missing for no apparent reason.

Personally, a part of me do believe that some of the videos might actually be real, especially for the first 10th episodes. Anything after that is most likely manufactured. I mean, think about it, the chance getting a cursed video is slim to none. The fact that this series has enough videos to air seasonally is just ludicrous. To make this even more unlikely, after episode 30 or so, the paranormal footage becomes more and more explicit. In the older episodes, finding the ghost in the video is almost like finding Waldo in those picture books. But now, the ghosts are like “LOOK AT ME!! I’M CREEPY… OHHHHH!” They are certainly up in your face these days…

However, that’s not to say that they are not entertaining. There are several really good episodes that gives me the heebie jeebies. The music is definitely excellent with the piano playing almost disjointedly. It seems to give off an “abandoned piano in a deserted building” feel. I especially like the opening for episode 42. (Check it out and you’ll know what I mean)

The narration feature a more or less calm monotone which further enhances the experience. After all, narration that tries to be dramatic usually ended up killing the mood.

In terms of some haunted video footage, I would recommend episode 31 (the last video), 32 (main storyline is pretty well made), 39 (the last video is by far the creepiest) and episode 42(quite creepy throughout).  Though you know instinctively that these videos are not real, the unsettling feel of the video still prevails in creeping me out. To me, I enjoyed the episodes between 30-45. I would definitely recommend watching these movies along in your room with everyone else out of the house.

Don’t watch the 50-ish episodes first, it’ll just ruin the mood. As I said, they are way too explicit to have much entertainment value. But it’s probably still better than most movies Hollywood makes these days…


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2 Responses to It really exists! Cursed Videos (Honto ni Atta! Noroi no Video)

  1. EvilRaider says:

    Hello! It was really interesting reading your little analysis. I’m also a blogger and a J-Horror fan like you, thats why I’m so interested about this. Where the hell did you find the entire saga with subs? I am lurking around and its IMPOSSIBLE.

    What you think i can do?


    • The time I got most of the episode was when torrent was popular. Also, there was this one channel in youku (Chinese Youtube) that posted a lot of these videos, so Videodownloadhelper got a couple more as well.
      Unfortunately, the torrent age is over. There are still some of these video hanging around in YouTube, but those are rare.
      There’s always Amazon as well, but they are selling it at ridiculous prices. So as far as I know, unfortunately, not much can be done.


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