Hi Genki: “Well-Hidden Achievement” Unlocked

If anyone needs to know something about me, it’s that I really love Japanese food. But then again, my blogs on the anime, the j-horror and the Japanese games probably gave more than enough clues on this matter….

Having said that, I am pretty confident that I know quite a bit of Japanese restaurant in the Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond area. Just to show my passion for Japanese food, I can tell you that I once went to a Japanese restaurant for 9 months straight. So, when my friend told me about this restaurant that is so well hidden it’s guaranteed that I wouldn’t know about it, I’m definitely intrigued. With that, he drove me to the restaurant.  Here’s my reaction during the trip:

– Okay, we’re heading along Kingsway, there’s a lot of decent Japanese restaurant here.

– Oh, we’ve past Metrotown, we’re heading towards the Balkan House…

– Near Kingsway and Imperial, all I know is a really cheap Pho place near Mitsubishi

– Okay, now we’re in residential zone…

– Wait why are we pulling up here…

– Holy crap, the restaurant is in an elderly home! Who on earth would thought about going to a care home for Japanese food?!

Now to be fair, I went there before the Nikkei Matsuri. Otherwise, I would have found it. Another thing, that place is not a home, it’s assisted living. The difference is that in assisted living establishments, the elderly are capable of taking care of themselves. Just that for safety reasons, they need to be checked up on by staff members. But now, I digress…

So once I enter the premise, the restaurant is right in front of me in the lobby. The décor is simple and it more or less looked like a cafeteria. Having said that, the food is pretty good. I ordered a deluxe Genki box, while my friend ordered a Gyudon. I noticed that for the Gyudon, the portion is surprisingly large. For my Deluxe Genki Box, the box comes with salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, and an assorted tempura with miso soup. One thing’s for sure, this box spells “Japanese home cooking.” It’s not especially elegant, but definitely flavorful.

So after we finished our meal, my friend ordered dessert to share. Given that it’s a Japanese restaurant, I expected Japanese confection or green tea ice cream, and not… Ice Cream Tempura?! Seriously?! I’ve heard of deep-fried ice cream in carnivals. I didn’t expect having it in a Japanese restaurant, especially in an elderly assisted living center. I mean it’s not healthy for elderly to eat this… right?

But I’m certainly glad they have this on the menu. There’s nothing like cool vanilla ice cream encased in crunchy deep-fried cereal batter (At least I think the batter is made of cereal). Just writing this blog makes me want to have an ice cream tempura tomorrow.

So there you have it: An real authentic restaurant that is well hidden from the rest of the public and have some interesting items. Note that the restaurant also serve unique daily specials. All I can say is: “Definitely worth a go!”

BTW, I noticed that any website talking about this restaurant doesn’t have its opening hours. So I’ll post the opening hours along with several photos, just to whet your appetite.


Here’s the opening hours, the address and the phone number.


This is the Genki Box


This is the Deluxe Box that I had


Did I mentioned that also serve crème brulee?


Ice Cream Tempura… in all its glory!!


Who would not want to eat THAT?



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