Roadmap to beating Dragon’s Crown without ripping your hair out

Back in 2014, I finish a Playstation Vita game called Dragon’s Crown. It’s an ATLUS game along the lines of Odin’s Sphere and Muramasa (actually I think they all come from the same creator… don’t quote me on that). In any case, it’s an interesting beat-em-up/RPG game where your adventurer would go through stages and beat the crap out of enemies and bosses while picking up bones, gold and weapons (aka “treasures”).

Like all games, this one also has its pros and cons. Let’s get to the pro part first:

  1. The game mechanics is not grindy (or at least up to lv99)
  2. It allows for ad hoc players or multiplayer options
  3. It’s always fun to beat up enemies like a boss

Then there are the cons:

  1. The game is not as sophisticated as Odin’s Sphere
  2. If you play all 6 characters to get the trophy, storyline is the same
  3. Storyline not as interesting as Odin’s Sphere
  4. Hate wizard’s and sorceress’ mechanics, so many unnecessary moves
  5. Limited number of stages
  6. Game can get very repetitive

Okay, so maybe it’s not the GREATEST GAME YOU’LL EVER PLAY. But it’s alright by my book. So without ado, here’s my road map to beating the game FAST.

First of all, there are 6 characters to choose from: Fighter, Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard and Sorceress. I would recommend you pick characters in this order:

Dwarf>>Amazon>>Fighter>>>>>>>>>>>>Elf, Wizard or Sorceress

If you are skeptic about this, watch this video: (That’s 1:12 that I’ll never see again…)

In any case, Wizard and Sorceress have bad mechanics. How well they perform depend not only the levels, but also the wands that they are using. Also, they have limited amount of skills!! A wizard that cannot spam skills infinitely is simply bad. I mean what’s the fun of a wizard when you can’t blow up everything you see in the warpath? Sorceress is probably even worse!! They lack damage spells!! Now you’re playing a support character in a vita game, that while has multiplayer, focus on solos!!!

Elf is not great either, I think that they are more one vs one character. In other words, they are good for boss, not great for mobs. Fighters are decent, just like our regular knight, nothing more, nothing less.

Now we get to the good stuff. Amazon melts everything in this game. If you are looking for real damage-dealer, this is it. They are combo-liscious and deals heavy damage. But the problem is that they also melt pretty fast if you’re not careful.

This therefore brings me to the ultimate favorite character: Dwarf. This guy is one-man wrecking crew, which is what a beat-em-up ask for. It has high HP (goes all the way to 999 without batting an eye), high defence, invulnerability most of the time, big damage, crowd control and it practically can fly out of any sticky situation!! It’s the closest thing to a crazy cheat code.

Here’s the skill that I would max out:

  •  Power Bomb: Your crowd control technique, just grab something, throw it to the ground and watch everything die
  • Lethal Fist: Perfect for button mashing
  • Eagle Dive: For flying out of battles and dodging anything you can think of
  • Grand Smash: YOUR MEAT AND POTATO. It deals insane damage to bosses (make them look like wet tissues) and gets invulnerability while you’re doing it. So in other words, you can jump into a boss and let it rip. Not to mention if you have two hammers, you can do double slam (Slam, change weapon, slam again). That takes almost a third to a half of bosses life!!!
  • Frenzy: For button mashers out there
  • Powder Mastery: THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PERMANENT SKILL. But you do need to max it out to get one of the achievements
  • Rock Skin: Turn your dwarf into a tank
  • Toughness: Same as above
  • Vitality Boost: Same as above
  • Nutritionist: Eating food recovers health faster
  • Androit Hands: Lets you switch hammer faster
  • Wealth to Health: A just in case skill that makes you nearly impossible to kill

Fighting style is simple:

As soon as an enemy comes out, up+square to grab the enemy, then jump, then down+square to throw the enemy to the ground. This causes a shockwave that bounce enemies up and down. Lather, rinse, repeat, and watch your enemy jump themselves to death. For aerial enemies,, use up+square to throw enemies up across the screen. This will hit anything in the throw path. If necessary, grand smash would give invulnerability during the whole action sequence. Once the grand smash is done, switch item and grab a second set of axes. Androit hands will speed up the cooldown so you can switch weapons faster. Double smash works wonders on bosses, who will definitely appear near you and take the subsequent smashes.

With these skills (except powder mastery) maxed out, you are ready to take out everything. Here’s my roadmap to beat the game and get all trophy in point form:

  1. In town, beat the crap out of townspeople and get arrested 10 times (Crime and Punishment obtained)
  2. Grind your Dwarf in the very first stage to get to level 10.
  3. When you are in Old Capital, power bomb a sabertooth tiger and ride the tiger to the end of the stage and beat the boss. Focus on flying through the stage rather than picking up every treasure. Chances are if you’re riding that cat to the end, you did not take any damage at all. (Unsullied obtained)
  4. Let your allies die and then pay to revive them (Savior)
  5. Beat normal mode (Get all the story trophies and Dazzling Dwarf)
  6. Grind some more and simply beat Hard mode (Hardcore Hero)
  7. Grind to level 99 and beat infernal mode (Paragon and Blazing hero)
  8. Now as level 99, when your character pick up skeletons, they will be roughly around level 99 to 100-ish. Resurrect these skeletons.
  9. Create all the other characters (Amazon, Fighter, etc), use your resurrected allies as your bodyguard to beat the game in normal mode for each. (If you got 3 amazons, this should be real quick) (Fantastic Fighter, Amazing Amazon, Epic Elf, Wonderous Wizard and Scintillating Sorceress obtained)
  10. As a Dwarf again in Infernal mode, get 3 other allies and run through 11-13 straight stages without returning to town, I usually start with the Ancient Temple Ruins and work my way around. This should net you 5,000,000 points as well. (Insatiable traveller and Best of the Best obtained)
  11. Pick up skeletons and revive them, and throw out any low-level allies to make space. (Merciful Fossor obtained)
  12. Obtain and complete all quests from adventurers guild. One secret to note here is that most quests require you to access secret areas to get a treasure. Usually these secret areas will almost always give higher quality treasure. So be sure to access these rooms. (Obtain most of the art trophies)
  13. To make money, run consecutive stages. This actually boosts item quality over time. Having said that, money is pretty useless in this game. There is nothing really epic that you would want to buy except different character voices.
  14. Give 100,000 to goddess by praying. At this point, 100,000 should be chump change since you’ll be beating tons of bosses quickly to get good equips (Devout Follower)
  15. Go to Morgan’s Item shop and buy everything (Oniomaniac obtained)
  16. Get one of your lower level character and pick up a low-level bone to resurrect.
  17. Get that low-level ally and go to Coliseum and set the following conditions: Time Limit = 3min, Life point = 0, number of participants = 2, Add NPC = ON, Rules = No potions, Temporary equipment = None. Beat the ally 10 times. (King of Colosseum)
  18. When at camp, quality over quantity. Also meat dishes give better points than veggies. Add meat to pan or pot, add all seasoning, wait for the food to steam before you put the food on your plate to eat it. That will give  you the highest point. (Three-star chef)
  19. Go through all camps and cook all the food. Some ingredients require you to kill a certain boss. For one of it, you have to escape the stage in order to get the ingredient. Most FAQs will give you tips on this one. Here’s one for you: (Gourmand)
  20. Max out Powder Mastery, buy a damage potion, equip all items that gives damage boosts or damage to items boosts, beat ghost ship cove and enter camp, eat QUALITY dishes (fish dishes) to get a boost on attack. Once you get to Bilbaron Fortress, don’t destroy any crates, but power bomb any goblins who holds a bomb. Grab the bomb, drink your damage potion and let the bomb blow up the crate (Legendary strike)
  21. Finally, grab 3 high level amazon (preferably over level 100), drink damage boost potions and go to town with ancient dragons in all three levels. I personally use this strategy since I like to play solo in my games, and confirmed that 3 Amazon NPCs has a very high chance of helping you kill Infernal Ancient Dragon in under 4 minutes. (Mine is 3:30 minutes) For obvious reasons, use fresh amazons that are newly resurrected. Do not use Dwarf, they will just slow you down. The strategy is simple, let the amazon be the damage dealers the dragon. Meanwhile do double grand slam and jump attack. The dragon should die easily (all beat dragon within time trophies, as well as ultimate platinum trophy)

So here’s all I’ve come up with so far. If you follow this guide, you should beat the game within a week or so.


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