Deutsches Haus at Vancouver Alpen Club: Good for a Hearty Meal

Let me ask you a question:

  1. Are you a carnivore?
  2. Do you want to try something new for a change?
  3. Are you curious about German cuisine?

If you answer yes to one of these questions, then Deutsches Haus is the place for you. Located on 4875 Victoria Dr. (Just a 5-10 min drive from my place), this restaurant serve up good food at a reasonable price.

I first notice this restaurant while cruising along Victoria Drive. Given that the neighbourhood is predominantly simple flat-top two-story buildings, the restaurant stood out with its charming European exterior. I also found their advertisement on a newspaper later on, which piqued my interest.

My family and I visited the restaurant on Wednesday a few weeks back. When we entered the door, I immediately noticed that the interior décor is just as charming, and very different in style from restaurants that I typically frequent. Another thing that I noticed is the amount of Chinese customers at the restaurant. (But then again, the advertisement is found on a Chinese newspaper and the fact that Victoria drive has become the second Chinatown. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising.)

At the time, they were promoting a Feast for 2 platter, so obviously we were getting that. I also ordered an Apple Roesti on the side.

When the food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer proportion. For the Feast for 2 platter, it includes bratwurst, schnitzel, two types of sauerkraut, german noodles, hock and meatloaf. Meanwhile the Apple Roesti features 3 potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream.


Normally, I tend to avoid mixing sweet and savory flavors in a dish. However, the Apple Roesti is one of the exception. First of all, while the pancakes look very similar to a hash brown, it is not at all greasy. When combined with the cream and the apple sauce, the flavor is very refreshing. The pancake also have good textures that you can feel the strips of potato every bite.


Next is the Feast for 2 platter. Unlike the sausages that you buy at your groceries (which are very salty), the bratwurst served are much milder in flavor. Meanwhile, the schnitzel is essentially a nice thin crisp that gives a nice crunch without the guilt of eating something greasy. The schnitzel also goes extremely well with the apple sauce that I used for the pancakes. The German noodles have great texture. It is soft, but definitely not mushy. As for the two sauerkraut, one is very sour and the other sweet. While each sauerkraut is good on their own, the flavor is even better to mixed together.

However, the highlight of the platter is the meatloaf and the roast hock. The meatloaf is surprisingly soft and literally cuts like tofu!! That part is very interesting all on its own. Meanwhile, the hock is perfectly roasted so that the skin is nice and crispy (For those who have high cholesterol, just be sure to remove the thin layer of fat underneath the skin), whereas the meat is soft and juicy. In fact, I microwaved the leftover meat the very next day, and the meat is still soft!! The hock is served with a nice mustard to accentuate the flavor.

The entire dinner costs $40, and it’s just the right proportion for 3-4 people, so all in all the price is reasonable unless you are a huge eater.

So all in all, I would give this restaurant a solid A/A+, and I think the score in yelp should be a bit higher than 3.9. I would definitely go back again, and would recommend this restaurant to others.


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