About Me

I am ShirogamiAkatsuki, and this is my first time blogging on any site. In fact, I actually don’t have any Facebook page or Twitter even though everyone around me is talking about it. So I’m actually really excited right now, treading on uncharted territory lying in the middle of the world wide web.

Anyway, I’m a Vancouverite. My interests include going to movies (particularly j-horror), watching anime, gaming and going to different restaurants, so I would mainly be blogging about these topics. If you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to share them with me. Surprisingly I did not meet much people who share my interests in real life, so I would love to meet anyone who does (even though this is in cyberspace.) For those who don’t know much about anime, I would love to bring you into the dimension through this blog.

All in all, we’re going to have so much fun here.


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