After reading a few of my reviews, you might notice that I post a letter ranking at the end of the post.

Here’s how I give the letter grades:

S Grade: Indicates that the game/anime/movie is truly a masterpiece. The concept of the story or the mechanism of the game may be pretty original, but the execution of the concept is perfect. There are rarely any awkward moments, and it is, to a point, addictive. Furthermore, there may also be replay value.

A Grade: Indicates that the game/anime/movie is not a masterpiece, but it is a guilty pleasure. The concept is probably not original, but the execution is still really impressive and definitely worth praises. At the very least, I would re-watch the anime/movie at least once.

B Grade: Indicates that the game/anime/movie is not great, but still entertaining. The concept is definitely not original, and there are definitely moments that I find that ruins the mood a little. There is probably no replay value, so it’s more of a once over for me.

C Grade: Indicates that if there is something better to look at, ignore these works. What I tend to do with these is simply play it in the background and just give a glance over instead of actually watching the whole thing from beginning to the end. If anyone wants to take a look at it, do it at his/her own risk

F Grade: Indicates that I hate it so badly, that I probably lasted one episode or 5 minutes before wasting any more time delving into it. Fair warning to everyone, do not open the Pandora Box even with a 50 foot pole, it probably will SCAR you for life.


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